The 40-hour national certification course is for the experienced and the inexperienced communications officer who desire certification in fire communications.

Course Purpose

The course provides the 9-1-1 Officer with the knowledge and skills to understand the structure and function of the fire service and the role of 9-1-1 during a fire-related call.

Student Performance Objectives

By the end of this block of instruction, the student will be able to achieve the following objectives in accordance with information received during the instructional period:

  •  Understand the fire service organizational structure

  •  Understand the basic functions of the fire service

  •  Demonstrate the ability to properly handle fire-related calls

Course Content

  •  Fire Service History

  •  Firefighting in Colonial America

  •  The Fire Service in America Today

  •  Fire Service Organizational Structure

  •  Fire Service Personnel

  •  Fire Service Training

  •  Fire Service Primary Resource

  •  Basic Functions of the Fire Service

  •  Fire Types and Causes

  •  The History of Fire Communications

  •  Fire Communications in America

  •  Roles and Responsibilities of the FCO

  •  Fire Scene Communications

NOTE: The course instructor will prepare for a local onsite visit to a fire station prior to the course. During the visit, the student will have many pieces of apparatus and equipment explained. The visit should be for an 8-hour shift.