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This 40-hour 9-1-1 Basic Communications course provides employees with the basic knowledge, skills, and experience to understand the functional operation of an emergency communications system, and their role and responsibilities within the emergency communications system.

This course meets the following national 9-1-1 standards:

  •  APCO ANSI National Public Safety 9-1-1 Training Standard

  •  NENA 56-004 – TTY/TDD Call Handling Standard

  •  NENA 56-005 – NENA Call Answering Standard

  •  NFPA 1061

By the end of the course, the 9-1-1 Communications Officer candidate will have received training and been tested (written and practical) in the following subjects:

  •  9-1-1 Ethics

  •  9-1-1 Liability

  •  9-1-1 Legal Issues

  •  9-1-1 Roles and Responsibilities

  •  Overview of Law Enforcement

  •  Overview of Fire Services

  •  Overview of Emergency Medical Services

  •  Stress Management in 9-1-1

  •  Interpersonal Communications in 9-1-1

  •  Communication Technologies

  •  FCC Rules and Regulations

  •  9-1-1 Call Processing Techniques

  •  Call Classification

  •  Radio Techniques

  •  Special 9-1-1 Incidents

  •  The Americans with Disabilities Act and 9-1-1

Basic 9-1-1 Communications certification eligibility requires minimum scores on the final written and practical exercises.


Recertification Requirements – Recertification as a 9-1-1 Communications Officer requires documentary evidence of 24 hours of state-approved continuing education course work every twenty four months and any additional state or agency requirements.